Taste the well-preserved natural beauty of Uganda while on a luxurious group safari, where we leave no stone unturned while organizing the unforgettable adventure, paying keen attention to the classic accommodation with all the facilities you need, fast and comfortable transportation, cuisine, flexible transfers, exciting activities, and very knowledgeable professional tour guides who willfully articulate issues for you to have sweet memories and amazing safari stories. You join as a visitor but leave as a family, business partners, friends, and lovers. You will be amazed by the unmatched trip experience in the tiny landlocked country, Uganda once described as the pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill because of her vast biodiversity, flora and fauna, cool climate, and many more. Some of the notable unique treasures that visitors never miss encountering in Uganda include the Equator, the source of River Nile (the longest river on earth), Murchison Falls (the most powerful waterfalls in the world), half of the worlds endangered mountain Gorilla population residing in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, the rare mammal species such as the tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National park, and the unique Bird species such as shoebill and ostriches.

Researchers, schools and institutions, mountain climbers, white water rafters, Birders, snow birders, organizations, photographers and families find this as a lifetime holiday offer, in a perfect destination for adventure, celebrate an anniversary, and go for a group date, game viewing, scenic viewing, Primate trekking, birding, Beach safari and summer holiday. While on this safari, we don’t only concentrate on the group number or price, but the comfort, flexibility, security, and satisfaction of each group member in the trip. We reserve the finest and most sought-after lodges or hotels, comfortable vehicles with enough space for the entire group, cuisines that meets everyone’s taste and preference, and activities enjoyed by everyone. The trip satisfaction is not only brought by the excellent luxurious facilities you will use, but also the remarkable services offered by our expert teams as well as the amazing activities not limited to cultural encounter, primate trekking, game viewing, scenic viewing, nature walk, hiking, and birding.