Congo is that untold destination in Africa comparable to gold, which only a few people who can find it, understand the power in it, and never forget the day, time, and season the encounter happened due to the sweet memories. Despite her dark past, which comprised of Rebel insurgencies and several diseases that seemed to have brought the nation to her knees, things are back to normal, the roads are in good shape, trusted security, amazing flora and fauna, good climate and scenic features, among others. The Democratic Republic of Congo, initially known as Zaire is located in Central Africa, and surrounded by Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda among others, and recognized for her endless conservation efforts that have seen the existence of several apes such as the eastern low land Gorillas, the bonobo (pan panicus), the western gorilla (Gorilla Beringei), and the common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) among others, all open for visitors to explore.

Groups visiting have the privilege of discovering the treasures hidden in her lush rainforests, such as several unique and endemic species, great biodiversity, several primates such as the bonobo, Eastern lowland Gorillas, and chimpanzees among others, with some mammals including the Okapi, forest elephant and white rhinos. Congo inhabits famous natural destinations that have been listed among the World Heritage sites, such as Virunga national park, Okapi wildlife reserve, Kahuzi Biega national park, Garamba national park, and Salonga national park, making the country one destination not to miss out.