Rwanda, also known as the land of a thousand hills never ceases to amaze visitors as they spot new wonders in a tiny landlocked country, with a very smart city, modern airport, large biodiversity and great road network among others, it is situated in Africa and part of the East African community. Her neighbors include The Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo among others. Defined by beautiful scenery, boundless landscape, geographical features, security, hospitality and splendor accommodations, Rwanda is one destination to consider when thinking of any safari, be it a honeymoon, student tours, primate safari, photography, cultural encounter, game viewing, city tours, research, and group tours.

With our expert knowledge, we have organized several group tours for schools, families, and organizations and the feedback from travel has always said it all, perfect organization, we enjoyed the food, activities, transportation, destinations and met new friends. Group tours enable you to save money, have fun, network, learn new stories and shape your social character. It entails joining a group of travelers you have never known from different countries or even continents in the world despite the varying taste and preference, depending on the age group, status, continent, reason for the trip, religion and many others.